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Recycling Carpet and Carpet Padding

Halpin's Flooring America is committed to the carpet and

cushion recycling effort.

Our goal is to divert carpet and padding waste from landfills.

Halpin's Flooring America is concerned about our environment. We are doing our part by reclaiming and recycling old carpet and carpet cushion. All the carpet and padding removed from our installations is brought back to Halpin’s where it is bailed and loaded so it can be properly recycled and NOT sent to landfills.

For close to 15 years Halpin’s Flooring America has recycled the used carpet cushion we recover from all our installations. In 2011 Halpin’s began a carpet recycling program that allows us to take all the old carpet recovered from our installations and send it for recycling.

The practice of recycling reclaimed carpet padding has been around for many years. Carpet padding is recycled back into high quality bonded carpet cushion. Carpet reclamation and recycling is starting to gain momentum throughout the flooring industry. In the carpet recycling process the many components of carpet are broken down and used for various new products in several industries including flooring, automotive, small appliance, commercial furniture, and lawn and garden, just to name a few. So whether you purchase new bonded carpet cushion or a new car, your old recycled carpet and padding may be a little part of that something new. That’s good for the environment….and that’s good for everyone!

So when you choose Halpin’s Flooring America for your next flooring project, allow us to haul off your old carpet and padding so it can be recycled. You can rest assured that your old carpet and padding WILL NOT end up in a landfill.

Carpet Padding Bail       Carpet loaded for recycling